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About Us: We're passionate about gardening.

"I just don't know where to start!". That statement has been heard countless times when people look out on their gardens.

HMS Garden Design was set up to help people get started on their gardens, whether they have acres of land, or the smallest of city plots, every site has many possibilities, and that's what excites us.

We believe in using local contractors wherever possible, and we source plants from a small, family run plant nursery to ensure the best quality products.

Venturing into a garden project can be very daunting for the client but we offer a personal, friendlyexperienced service to guide you to achieve your dream garden.

Helen M. Sydenham: Designer / plantswoman

When I was young I helped in the family garden, and I loved digging. So much so that my Dad said I should become either a gardener or a grave digger. Ever mindful of my father's words, I qualified as a secondary school teacher.

However, the love of gardens, plants and design wouldn't go away. In fact, it grew, and in 2004 I decided to use my art background and make a career change.

In 2006 I was awarded a Diploma in Garden Design from the Institute of Garden Design and undertook subsequent courses; Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) certificates in Horticulture and KLC Designing With Plants.

I love innovative design, plants, and possibilities... and I still love digging!

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