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Garden Maintenance: 'gardenER' ™ ...    We'll nurse your garden back to full health!

tick  Maintenance and tidy from only £20 per hour

tick  Consultation advice from just £35 per hour

tick  Convenient fix-up and tidy-up service

tick  Target garden problems, bugs and weeds

tick  Consideration for child and animal safety

from £300cartoon+ travel expenses

Is your garden overgrown and untidy and in need of weeding or pruning?

Need a quick-fix tidy-up ahead of a BBQ, garden party or house viewing?

Are garden bugs and pests ruining your vegetables and flowers?

Help is here - we weed, prune and advise how to rid those woes!

landscape design

Soothe those garden ailments with our 'gardenER' ™ maintenance service.

Has that once lovely patch of land become problematic and unruly? We offer two solutions; In hourly blocks, we can provide custom advice and remedies via a consultation OR we can get to the root of things with garden tidy and maintenance.

Garden Maintenance: How does it work? What should I expect?

We understand that you have questions and, of course, we want to answer them. Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect;

  • What's involved?

    • 1 hour consultation visit to discuss any problem areas in your garden
    • 1 hour garden tidy, either as a one-off or on a regular basis
      (ideal if you are selling your house or have just moved into a new home and haven't got time to sort out the garden)
  • What's the process?

    • Contact us to arrange a visit
      * Please note, this service is only available in the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area
  • How much does it cost?

    • Garden Consultation - £35 per hour, plus travel expenses
    • Garden Maintenance - £20 per hour, plus travel expenses

If you have any questions at all about our Garden Maintenance service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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