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Services: Five affordable gardening packages to suit your taste, style and budget!

Making the most of your outdoor space has never been so easy. We're here to provide a great range of services to suit your needs and wallet.

Whether you have a small budget, or something more substantial, we can help take the chore out of gardening by doing all the planning, preparation and manual work for you. We'll gladly get our hands dirty on your behalf, and do it with a cheery smile on our faces.

Full Design (summary)

From as little as £350, you can have your whole garden (re)designed from scratch. No hassle or fuss on your part - just sit back and relax while we manage the site survey, aesthetic design and planting plan. We also provide a maintenance plan.

Online Design (summary)

Save more money when you do the digging yourself. From a starting price of only £150, we can supply personalised concept drawings and recommendations for you to build your dream garden at your own pace. We can also supply the plants.

Border Redesign (summary)

Inject a new lease of life into existing flower borders with the help of our 'planting by numbers' design plan. This slimmed-down redesign service reduces costs and workload yet provides maximum floral splendour. It's blooming marvellous!

Garden Maintenance (summary)

Has that once lovely patch of land become problematic and unruly? We offer two solutions; In hourly blocks, we can provide custom advice and remedies via a consultation OR we can get to the root of things with garden tidy and maintenance.

Garden Gifts (summary)

If you're stuck for present-ideas and searching for an unusual, lasting gift for a special occasion, wedding, anniversary or birthday, why not look to us and give an online 'Dig and Done!' ™ garden design. Contact us for a special presentation pack.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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